Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

1. Welcome to My Greece Guide

Hi. My name is Amarandi Barrett. I am 8 years old and in the Second Grade. (Well I was when I started this) Every summer I go to Greece and go swimming every day. This is my website Greece 4 Kids which I made so that you can go to Greece and have as good a time as I do. 
This is my mom, Andrea. Every morning she drinks a cup of coffee so she can walk to the cafe to drink more coffee. She loves coffee. Her mom's family is from the island of  Lesvos and her dad's family is from the island of Kea. She makes Greek jewelry and you can see it at

This is my dad. His name is Matt Barrett. He is very funny. He has another famous website about Greece. It's called Matt Barrett's Guide to Greece and I need to mention him not only because he is my Dad but because he helped me with this site and gave me a lot of the pictures.
This is my Yaya. That means grandmother in Greek. She does not like flying on airplanes very much and you have to take an airplane to get to Greece from America where we live. When we took this picture the stewardess was showing us how to put on the life vest and my Yaya was thinking about all the terrrible things that might happen to us. I worry about her sometimes.