Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

11. Greek Islands-Kea

The first island we went to last summer was Kea. Me and my mom went while my Dad went to Sifnos to help his friend on his honeymoon. Kea is the island of my ancestors on my mom's dad's side of the family. To get there you have to go to Lavrion and take the ferry.
When we went this time there were old cars everywhere. It was some kind of race or show.
Sometimes grownups talk about boring stuff so it is good to always have a book with you. Here I am reading Harry Potter while we are waiting for a taxi.
This is the view from our house. The water is called the Cavo d Oro and it gets very rough sometimes. The sister ship of the Titanic was called the Brittanic and it is sunk here but you can't see it because it is really deep. Every day there are really nice sunsets that we can see from our window.
I like shopping in this store because it is so colorful. They say Kea is not the most friendly island in Greece but they sure like kids.
The guy playing violin is the mayor of Kea. He is a famous violin player. His name is Andonis Zourlos. This is him playing at a wedding in the main square.
These kids are coming from the hills, back into town and I am on my way to see the lion of Kea. They were probably gathering wood for a fire or horta to eat. My Dad says if we move to Greece he will buy me a donkey. He said it's a tradition because when he and his family were little kids their father said he would buy them a donkey when they moved to Greece. But is it a tradition to buy a donkey or to say you are going to buy your kids a donkey? I am going to have to remember to ask him.
This is the lion of Kea. It is thousands of years old. It's a good place for a picnic. My Dad says he looks like Barney. I can see that I guess. They have the same mouth. But I like the lion of Kea and I am tired of Barney.
You can read more about Kea on my Dad's site including some really cool pictures of old cars at
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