Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

12. Greek Islands-Lesvos

This is me and my cousin Alex in our village in Lesvos. It's not really our village but my aunt Pam has a house here and we go here every summer. I can't even tell you the name because my Aunt is afraid if I do it will be flooded with tourists.
There is a tower and a clock in the main square but it is never right. But one time a week the mayor climbs the ladder and sets it. This is me and my friends from the village.
The house with the blue shutters is my aunt Pam's house where we live inthe summer.It's mostly old men in the village and not a lot of kids but I have a couple friends. My friend Fifi (his real name is Joseph) works every day in his dad's cafe and sometimes I help him clean the tables.
In Eressos there is a million kids because it has a good beach. There's lots of cafes and restaurants too. 
The street on the beach where all the cafes are has no cars and you can ride your bicycle on it. Skala Eressos is flat and a good place to ride bikes but Greece is mostly mountains and you have to be a really good bike-rider to ride all over the country.
This is me on a horse in my grandmother's village of Xidera. In Xidera our friend Thanasis is called The Australian because he used to live in Australia. He has this horse because his field is 2 hours away in the mountains and the only way to go there is on a small path.
There is a lake in Eressos. This is me and my friend Lila. Can you guess what we are doing?
We are feeding turtles. There are hundreds of them and they love bread so if you come be sure to save your bread from the restaurants.
In Greece people eat octopus. Before you eat it you have to hit it against the rocks to make it soft for about 20 minutes and then you rub it on the rock until white foam comes up. Then they dry it in the sun and at night they put it on the grill. My dad catches octopus and we hold them for a little while and then we let them go. When they swim away they squirt out ink so you don't see where they went. They are really good at hiding because they can change their shape and color.
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