Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

13. Greek Islands-Poros

This is the island of Poros where we also go because my Dad's friend Mike Constantinou lives here. Poros is really close to Athens and only takes about 45 minutes by flying Dolphin and an hour and a half by ferry. It is so close to the mainland that you can take little taxi boats across. It takes around 2 minutes and costs 100 drachma. When the boats go past it is like they are driving down the street.
This is Takis who owns the Saga hotel where we stay. It has a great pool so of course I like it. He has a farm and he grows the biggest olives in the world.
This is at his farm. As you can see it's a bunny. He also has chickens, geese, goats, sheep, pigeons, a mouse (maybe lots of them), frogs and a pig. You can see some of these in my animals section.
There are ancient ruins on the top of the island. I think it was a temple to Posideon.

There's lots of really nice beaches but you know me. I like pools!

You can find more about the Saga Hotel at and more about Poros at

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