Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

19. Animals


If you don't have horses donkeys are the next best thing but not if you are in a hurry.
This is in Skala Eressos where if you just say the word bread the turtles come running. But don't expect it to work everytime and bring some bread just in case.
This is the favorite animal of Takis who owns the Saga Hotel in Poros.
This is one of Takis baby pigeons.
Swallows make their nests out of mud! They are everywhere in Lesvos, even in the fancy Aeolian Village Hotel. These are babies waiting for their mom to come back with food. At night the place they live is the disco. I wonder how they like the music?
This is Taki's frog. It lives under a rug that is thrown over a fence. He has two brothers. They are as big as my thumbnail.
This is Coco. He came from Africa with the people who own the Heliotopos Hotel in Eressos. He is an African Grey. There are many parrots in Eressos because many people here used to live in Africa. But Coco is the smartest and the best.