Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

18. Even More Greek Food

I took this picture. This is in a restaurant in Monistiriki where they have guys playing music when it is too cold to eat outside. Sometimes everyone in the restaurant is singing along with them.
Meals are always more fun when you have kids to talk to. This is my friend Lila. She is Greek-American too and visits Greece every summer to visit her yaya.
But even when you are with just your parents you can have fun eating in Greece especially if you sit close to the water because you can feed bread to the fish.
For breakfast find the place with the most comfortable chairs, the best yogurt with fruit, honey and nuts and especially good coffee because if the coffee is not good you will have to go somewhere else and it will take you all day to get to the beach.
You can always find ice-cream in Athens and in the islands in the summer. Even ice-cream sundays with hot chocolate syrup. 
But in the winter on the islands the trucks that fill up these ice-cream freezers don't come around and the freezers are empty.
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