Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

17. More Greek Food

Greeks don't eat breakfast really but luckily you can get bacon and eggs at just about any cafe. They don't make the bacon very crispy so if you like crispy bacon you are out of luck unless you know how to say crispy in Greek. The word for CRISPY is...kala psimena!
The mussels in Greece are better than the mussels in America.
Don't be afraid to taste octopus. It might look disgusting but it tastes like the best steak in the world. I like it when they boil it but my dad likes it on the grill.
Greek salads are good but my mom doesn't like the feta cheese on it and my dad does and they always argue because she tells the waitor to bring the salad without the cheese and my Dad says to bring the cheese and we can take it off since you have to pay for it whether you get it or not. I don't really like the tomatoes.
This is a man cooking at a psistaria. That's the kind of restaurant where they have mostly grilled meat and of course french fries. The things on the top are chickens. Underneath that is a small pig. Under that is kokoretsi which is sheep kidneys and livers and inside stuff wrapped in intestines. I tasted it. Some of it tastes good and some doesn't. The bottom is kountosouvli which is big chunks of pig.
I could eat souvlaki every day. This kind is called gyro because it goes around and cooks and they cut off pieces when they are done. Then they put it inside a piece of pita bread with onions and tomatoes and sadziki which is yogurt with cucumbers and garlic. But when I get it I ask them to leave out the onions and tomatoes.
My dad does not let me eat here but my yaya does. If your parents take you to MacDonalds in America then they will probably bring you here too. But you should try the Greek food first because you really might like it better.
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