Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

16. Greek Food

These are my favorite Greek foods. You should try everything because you never know what you will like.
This is fried squid or kalamaraki. Sometimes you may even get a french fry with it.

You can get spagetti in almost any restaurant. If you ask for meat sauce it's a pile of hamburger and no tomato sauce. This was the best spagetti of the summer and we took its picture. I forget where we ate it. Probably in Lesvos.
I love lamb with potatoes. Especially roast potatoes.

These are the little fried fish called marides. When I was a baby I used to eat the noses off. Now I eat the whole thing.
This is horta. It is like spinach except it's good. Eat it with lemon and oil.

This is my favorite fish soup from Byzantino restaurant in the Plaka in Athens. We have lunch here all the time and sit outside. My dad made this once in America and it was awful.

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