Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

20. More Animals 

Sheep are everywhere. In our village in Lesvos everyone owns sheep. If you want to know how rich someone is you ask how many sheep he has. We don't have any sheep. 
Tom-tom is my best friend in the village. We wanted to bnring him back to America with us but it was too difficult. Anyway if we brought him to America he would have to be on a leash and he is happier in Greece. One day he disappeared and nobody saw him for a whole year. Then the next summer he was back with an old man from the village who had taken him to his house in Athens.
This is Yakova, my mom's cat who lives in the Plaka in Athens. He is very old.
There are lot's of baby owls in our village. In the summer they fall out of their nests and people bring them to our house. One summer we raised 7 of them until they could fly away. One night we were in the village of Xidera and we saw 3 big baby barn owls in a tree making a racket. They had white faces.
When you are driving you have to be careful because sometimes goats are in the middle of the road.
This is a mama stork in Eressos.
Here are her babies on the church steeple waiting for her to come back with lunch. There are lots of different kinds of birds in Lesvos because they stop there on the way to Europe from Africa. Many birdwatchers come here.
In Eressos you can ride horses in front of the Aeolian Village. The guy with the horses is also a waitor at one of the restaurants.
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