Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

Mykonos Page 3


 This is a weird crab that I saw in a restaurant. I have no idea what kind of crab it is, but I know that it is really funny looking. I wonder if it tastes good. I think I will try to look it up. Maybe you can have them as pets or something. He was in a big tank of lobsters that you can pick out and they will cook for you. If he is still there please don't order him. I think he would make a much better pet than a meal.

 Me and my dad were walking around looking for good pictures to take when we came to a deserted lot. In it we saw a mean looking pelican who I named "The Death Pelican". I think he sits there in the empty lot thinking with jealousy about the other pelicans and how they get taken pictures of and how popular they are and how much the people love them and about how their feathers are clean and shiny and his feathers are almost brown with dirt.

I think this pelican is definately the meanest looking type of bird that I have ever seen. Maybe he is nice though. Who knows? You can't really judge the personality of a bird by his expression. Some birds can't help looking mean.



 In Mykonos they have very narrow streets. You  have to have a certain kind of car to get around in most of the shopping parts of town, more like a motorcycle than a car. It looks like a motorcycle except that it  has a thing kind of like a big box in the back of it  that about two people can fit in comfortably. Sort of like a three-wheeled pickup truck for munchkins.

 The reason the streets are narrow and maze-like is to confuse pirates. Now they confuse tourists.

 Here I am in front of what they call "Little Venice"    Venice is a place in Italy that has water instead of streets. In Mykonos they call this Little Venice because the houses are right up against the water. I think it would be really fun to live in one of those houses. I could fish out the window and my dad could stand in the kitchen and cook them as soon as I caught them. That way they would surely be fresh.



 Here is the view from our bolcony in the Princess of Mykonos Hotel. The little white dots in the water are wind surfing boats. I think we had one of the best views in the hotel. I think hotels always give my dad the best views so he will write something nice about them. I'm not complaining.