Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

Mykonos Page 2


 This is Agios Stefanos Beach, a two minute walk from the Princess of Mykonos Hotel. The water was a really pretty shae of blue. Behind the beach are a bunch of restaurants (good ones too). It was about a 15 second walk to get to the beach from them. This was my favorite beach in Mykonos.  Agios Stefanos is a clean beach and so are all of the other beaches on this page.

 This is Paraga Beach.  It was a really nice beach too. This is where my parents and some of their friends slept out in caves  when they were in high school. (I will talk more about the caves later.)  This is my second favorite beach in Mykonos because we actually got to swim here. Most beaches my dad took some pictures and wanted to leave right away to see another one. I think he would rather photograph many beaches than hang out on one. Oh well. That's his job I guess.



 This pool was at one of the bars at Paradise Beach. We didn't get any good pictures of this beach because all we did here was get a snack at one of the fast-food places and there were so many umbrellas you could not even see the sea. Even though I hardly saw any of the sea it was my third favorite beach because it had lots of shops and food. (and the pool)

 This was called Super Paradise Beach.  When we got here all we did was take pictures  because the road was so steep my father did not think the little car we rented would make it back up.  I could tell this was a nice beach, but I don't know why they called it Super Paradise. This should have been Paradise and Paradise should have been called Super Paradise. Paradise Beach was bigger and had more shops, but this beach only had a hotel and about two restaurants. Anyway, this was my least favorite beach. Not because it was bad or anything, but because I didn't even get close to it so I don't really know about it as much as I know about the other beaches on this page. But it sure looks organized.



 In the Princess hotel of Mykonos, there was a pool that I swam at a lot.  One of the reasons that I like swimming pools is because you meet other kids, since in a pool there are only a couple places you can go: the deep side and the shallow side. I met a girl my age here from California but she was living in Torinno, Italy. Now we are keeping in touch and we might get to see each other again soon.