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 These are some of the old windmills in Mykonos. You can go right up to them  but you can't go inside because people live in them. One of the windmills belongs to my Dad's friend.  His windmill doesn't have a roof though and needs a lot of work. He wants to turn it onto a mill like it used to be.

 This is where my dad and a few people in his class camped out when they were in High School. That was more than 30 years ago.  They each had their own little cave and they would stay there for a week or even more. This cave doesn't look that big but it is about a couple meters long and about a meter tall. My mom found a cave that was about two or three meters long and could fit about five or six people.



 This was near the caves. It was probably a  very tall rock but the top of it fell and it turned into just a tall rock. I thought that it would be fun to climb on this rock, but my dad thought differently.

 This is the sea where a lot of the little fishing boats go and park. It is the harbor of Mykonos. A lot of the rocks here are bright green because of the algae. I think it looked really cool. My Dad would not let me swim there for some reason.



 Here I am eating noodles at a restaurant called Taverna Vasoula. It is one of the restaurants on the beach called Agios Stefanos by our hotel. I think you should trythis restaurant because it had good food and the people who worked there were nice too.

This is my last Mykonos picture. After this lunch I had one more swim in the pool and then we went back on the Flying Cat and sailed back to Kea.

If you want your parents to take you to Mykonos check out my Dad's site at

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