Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

Mykonos Page 1


 Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece. It is popular because it has nice beaches, there are a lot of shops, a lot of good restaurants, and many tourists. So, since I like shopping and swimming, I was very excited when our friend George at Fantasy Travel gave us a free night at a fancy hotel in Mykonos with a pool, and a view. Also it was about a two minute walk from the beach.

 Last year there was only a boat that went from Kea, where we spend our summers, to Lavrion and from Lavrion back. This is because not many tourists come to Kea unless they are on a sailboat. This year there is a boat called the FLYING CAT 3, that goes to Kea and then some other islands including Mykonos, and then returns. They call the boat a "Cat" because it is a Catamaran and has two hulls. The cat is twice as fast as a ferry boat. When you get on it and it starts going you don't feel like you are on a boat, you feel like you are on a train, except water is going by.



 When I first got to Mykonos, some of the things that I noticed was that the water was a really pretty bright blue, there were a lot of tourists and kids, there was a beach right in the port,  that there were lots of shops, that it was really sunny, and that if I didn't put suntan lotion on I would get sunburned pretty quickly.

 It didn't take long for me to meet the star of the island,  Peter the Pelican. He walks along the water front all day with his girlfriend  and every time he stops, people gather around  and start taking pictures of him.  There are also the ducks of the island and one other pelican who I will talk about later.