Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

24. Snow in Athens?

 It doesn't snow very much in Athens. In fact it hardly ever snows. But one day we woke up and looked out and from the Attalos and saw snow on the ground. I got dressed and ran up to the roof garden and played in the snow.
 My Dad came up with his camera and took a picture of the Acropolis and all around the city.

 Then we went for a walk and me and my mom had a snowball fight. But she started complaining everytime I hit her glasses and wanted to quit but I wouldn't let her. We climbed the Acropolis but it was closed. We had a good time anyway because I got to skate on the marble stones and there were a lot of people up there looking at the snow.
In some places people made little snowmen like this.  

Even though there was snow it was not enough to really have fun. So me and my Dad went to Syntagma square and got on the metro and went to the last stop.
When we got out we couldn't believe it. There was so much snow! There were also lots of people playing in it. In some places it was 3 feet deep and it was still snowing. Me and my Dad had a snowball fight and then we walked all the way home.