Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

 25. Santorini


 When we left Sifnos to get to Santorini  we didn't get there till night time and it was dark and we could not see anything. A driver came to pick us up from the hotel and we just went to sleep after a big dinner by the pool (Yay!) The next day me and my cousin were at the pool all day playing. We didn't notice something really cool about Santorini. So when my dad came back from driving around with my mom, he took me and my cousin Alex and said, " Close your eyes!" So we did. My dad held our hands and we crossed the street with our eyes closed. Then he said "Open your eyes". We opened them and we were standing on the edge of a giant volcano with the sea way at the bottom.

 The towns of Oia and Thira and a couple others are built on the top of the cliffs which are the walls of the volcano. It seems like a pretty scary place to live but people don't act scared. Actually they seem pretty happy. The trouble with staying here if you are a kid is the pools are kind of small like they are for people who don't really want to have fun but still want to get wet every once in awhile. You can't really swim in the sea because it is about 2000 feet straight down. If you want a hotel on the cliff with a pool you should make sure your parents ask how big the pool is because who wants to be staring at the sea in a pool a little bigger than your bathtub.



 These are cruise ships at the bottom of  the cliffs. This picture shows you how high the cliffs are. You can get to some houses in Santorini by boat more easily than you can by walking. Thoses houses are at the bottom of the cliffs. They build the houses either by bringing donkeys down the cliffs or bringing things there in boats. People that live there obviously like privacy!

 In this picture, I am standing at the top of Kamari beach. I am about fourty feet above the ground. When I was there I saw people juming off from where we were! Fourty feet high! I would never do that. Well maybe when I get older I might. The most popular beaches in Santorini are Kamari and Perissa and you can do anything from rent paddle-boats to fly hanging from a kite while you are pulled by a motor-boat.




This is me in a swimming pool at our hotel. Actually, the hotel has two swimming pools and a whirlpool. The hotel has a gym, a jewelery shop, a break-fast place and a bar and the people are really nice. But even if the people were mean and the food was bad I would still like any hotel with a pool and two is even better.

 These are the famous tomato-keftedes of Santorini. They are fried tomato-balls and they may look disgusting but they are really good and you should try them. You should try everything when you go to Greece even if you think you won't like it because you may. Lots of stuff that looks like something you would never want to eat turns out to taste really good. Anyway if you don't try new things you will always stay the same and life will be boring.