Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

15. Ferry Boats

Because they have a lot of islands there are lots of ferry boats. I like taking the ferry boats. My yaya hates the ferry boats. She would much rather fly to an island even though she hates flying too.
The ferry boats are all white and look clean and new from far away but when you get on them some of them are kind of old.
They have a big garage for the cars and a door that comes down when it comes into the harbor. Then a man stands on the edge of the door with a rope and throws it to men standing on the dock. One time there was not a guy waiting on the dock aand they threw it to a little girl and she got to tie up the boat. She was only 9. I thought that was pretty cool.
When we go to Lesvos we take the Mytilini and we travel first class because it is a 12 hour trip. The Mytilini is big and clean and beautiful. They take really good care of it and the people are nice. When we get up the escalator these guys are waiting to take us to our cabin.
Here's our cabin. Sometimes they have a TV. I love the cabins that have bunkbeds. This one doesn't.
This is what I like to do on the ferry boats. You have to search around to find the room with the video games. Don't give up because all the ferries have them.
When it's time to get off the ferry it's kind of sad and sometimes I wish I could stay on the boat. But usually when we get to an island I like it there too.
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