Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

9. Syntagma Square (ConstitutionSquare)

This is Syntagma Square. It's the main square of Athens. Syntagma means Constitution so it is also known as Constitution Square. There is a metro station here and a fountain and the main post office and a MacDonalds too. Some kids come here with their skateboards.
This is the old King's palace but now there is no more king and this is where the government is. This is also where the evzones guard the tomb of the unknown soldier. There's a million pigeons here and people feed them just like in Mary Poppins.
This is an evzone who guards the tomb and some other things too. They wear dresses but they are big and kind of cool looking. The dress is called a fustenella and were worn by the Greeks in their war for Independence about 150 years ago according to my Dad..
Every day you can watch the changing of the guard. The evzones do a little dance and everyone watches and takes pictures. On Sunday lots of evzones come in the morning with a marching band and even more people come to watch and take pictures.
This is the Grande Bretagne where we stayed. From our balcony we could see everything on this page. There was no pool but they had lots of channels on the TV and a big lobby with a marble staircase. Next door there is a painting of a big hotel. It is hard to explain but when you see it you will know what I mean.
If you go down the steps into the metro station you can see different layers of ancient Greece. There are walls, pottery a road and even a dead guy.
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