Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

8. The National Gardens and Kiosks in Athens

The National Gardens is a big park in the middle of Athens where you can go if the city drives you crazy. There is a park for kids with swings and stuff like that.
There's a pond full of ducks. We take our leftover bread there from the restaurants and feed them but you can also buy popcorn and sometimes bread from a man with a little cart near the ducks.
There is kind of a zoo there too with goats, deer, wolves, different kinds of birds and ducks in every cage. There used to be a lion but they sent him to a bigger zoo where he would have more room to play. There are lots of cats here too but not in cages. They just run around and go wherever they want like the ducks.
There is stuff left-over from ancient Greece just laying around.
These are called kiosks and they are all over Athens. This is my friend Thanasis kiosk in the Plaka next to the Byzantino restaurant. My mom knows him from living in the neighborhood and he always gives me candy.
Some kiosks have these rides. I used to go on all of them but now I am getting a little too old for this.
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