Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

6.  The Agora of Athens

The Agora is the main market where everyone shops for meat, fish, vegetables, spices, olives, cheese and even pets.
This guy is holding the head of a wild boar.
These are bunnies. Or they were bunnies. But they still have their tails.
This is a giant crayfish or something like a crayfish.
This is a pig with a Greek flag in his....well you can see where it is. The reason it is there is to show that the pig comes from Greece.
These are snails for eating. When you buy them they just shovel them into a bag and weigh them. You are supposed to put them in water when you bring them home. My grandmother did this and the next day they were all over the house. They forgot to tell her to cover the pot.
This store sells hotdogs. Thousands and thousands of them in all sizes and flavors.
My mom and I wanted to buy this toucan who we visit whenever we come to Athens. You should visit him too.
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