Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

5. Shopping in Athens

I like to shop in Athens. They have very cool  stuff there that you can't finds in America. This guy is from India and sells jewelry on the street. There are lots of people selling things on the street especially on Sunday in the Monistiriki flea market.
This old lady is selling hot chestnuts. Some people sell hot corn-on-the-cob. It depends on the season.
I like to go shopping for sweaters in the Plaka. Greece is famous for it's wool sweaters in lots of different colors. 
This is a teddy bear shop in Psiri, the neighborhood behind the Attalos Hotel where we stay .
This is a hat for apocries which is like Halloween but it lasts for two weeks! My mom says it is the same as Mardi Gras. People get really crazy and after the last night they don't eat meat until Easter. 
I just had to buy the hat.
My Dad only buys sandals from this man. He is called The Poet because not only does he make sandals but he writes books of poetry. My mom will point at some fancy sandals in another store and my dad won't even look at them because they were not made by The Poet.  The Poet's store is in Monastiriki by the train station and there are always other people there who want to buy sandals from a real poet. Even the Beatles went to him.
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