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 Here are some of the boys from my school comparing soccer cards at the Piazza on their way home. Soccer is the main sport here, and they call it "podosfero" which in English means football.  

 Our house is right next to the english frontesterion, so everyday from 3:30 PM. to 10:30 PM., there are a bunch of kids playing outside waiting for their classes to begin. I am usually inside doing my homework but when I hear them playing I go out and join them.

The lady that  has a house right above is not so happy about us playing here. She comes out and tells us "I don't understand why you have to play here!" and then gos on with her lecture for about 10 minutes without realizing that nobody is listening to her. After she goes inside her house again we just start playing like nothing has happened. She won't come outside again that day, but the next day she will come out again and say the same thing!



 These are some of the Kea kids and me. Up above us you can see a big pink and red school, with a white building next to it. That used to be the school that my great, great, grandfather built about a hundred years ago. The white building was the kindergarden but now it is a computer school.

At the end of the school year and the exams, all of the middle schoolers have a big party and they run around the village dumping bags full of water on top of each others heads! It is only the middle school that does this and is sort of a tradition. I had not started school yet but they let me join in because I am friends with two of the kids.

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The day before my last day of school in Kea, I told everyone that I would be leaving the next day. They were all sad (I think), and they said that they would miss me. On my last day of school during art lessons everyone drew pictures for me. Then a little bit before school ended my teacher gave me a little blue book with all of the pictures in it. She also gave me a big green piece of paper and it said " November 6th, 2003, To our student Amarandi, from the school of Ioulida, Kea. We will miss you. Have a good trip back to America. We enjoyed having you here. From Your teacher: Mrs.Joanna."   All around the border was the name of everyone in the class.  I am glad to be going to America and seeing all of my friends and family there, but I will still miss my island life and Greek school friends!

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