Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

School in Kea page 3


 A lot of the kids in the school don't live in the village, so in the morning they take a taxi or the local bus to school and in the afternoons they take a bus or a taxi back to their house. In the summer the buses are used as public transportation but during the school year they just use them for the kids. There is another school in the port of Korissia and another in the farming community of Kato Mera.

This is my friend Anna Pothoyerou. She is in the 5th grade like me and she has a brother and a sister that go to the same school as us.

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 Ms Millard, the teacher that will be my teacher when we get back to America, sends me e-mail with special projects so I won't  forget how to be a student in America. This is a map she wanted me to draw of the island. My Dad then took a digital photo (like this one) and sent it back to her. She also sent me a book of Math problems and a book about American History. It seems pretty silly to be reading about American History on a Greek island.

 This is my music teacher. He writes down songs for us to remember and then the next week when we have another lesson we sing all of the songs.  I am not as good as memorizing the songs as the other kids because I can hardly speak any Greek!