Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

3. Beaches in Greece

Greece has a lot of really great beaches and these are some of my favorites. My dad calls this my beach because my great-grandmother used to own it. Now it belongs to everybody. The water is ice cold because water from the mountain goes under the sand and into the sea. Sometimes there are big waves here.
This is my favorite beach in Kea. I come here with my mom. There is a cafe and a restaurant here and a small forest. Sometimes my aunt Pam takes me to the rocks nearby to swim but when a ferry boat passes big waves come and we have to get out of the water.
This is Skala Eressos in Lesvos. I love this beach because at sunset all the kids from the village come and play in front of the cafes. Sometimes people come and juggle fire on sticks. You can rent paddle-boats and go out to a big rock in the middle of the sea.
This is Kamares beach in Sifnos. This was the first beach I ever went to. My parents like it because it is shallow and they don't have to worry about me. They could also sit in the cafe and watch me play in the water but now I am a good swimmer.
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