Amarandi Barrett's Greece 4 Kids

School in Kea


 Every morning at 7:40 AM. I walk to school. I go down the hill and stop at the bakery to get a casseropita (a cheese pie). Then I go up to my school, a 5 minute walk, and go to my classroom. School ends at 1:30 PM. so that all of the kids can go home and have their lunch and do their homework and after that they still have time to play with their friends or go to English lessons at the frontesterion next to my house. (A frontesterion is a private school that many kids go to to improve their education).               

The primary school used to be a hotel, so all of the rooms are small. They will only be using this school for this year, because they are building another one. The old school was built by my Great-Great-Grandfather and they used it for over a hundred years until it began falling apart. My Great-Great-Grandfather built a lot of things on the island, including many water fountains, our house, our family church and the town hall.          

The village is built between two peaks on a mountain, so everyday when I go to school I have to walk down one peak where my house is and then up the other peak where the school is. Then I have to do it in reverse when I go home. I stop at the post office and see if we got any mail on the way home. When I get home we usually have lunch. Sometimes my parents will meet me at the restaurant in the Piazza which is in between the two peaks and we have lunch there.

You can click on the picture to see it bigger

You can click on the picture to see it bigger 

 This is the view from our school. It is probably the best view in the village because the school is on the top of the hill. The sea between Kea and the mainland is called the Cavo d Oro and it is the roughest in Greece. The Britannic (the sister-ship of the Titanic) is sunken there. Between Kea and the mainland is another long skinny island called Macronissos which was a prison island where they used to put the communists. Beyond that is the port of Lavrion where there is an ancient theater and ancient silver mines. There is a lot of history just looking out the window of my classroom.

This is our little classroom. The room only has a desk for the teacher, a chalk board, 2 widows, a door and 10 desks that each fit 2 people. I take Byzantine History, Religion (Greek Orthodox), Science, Geography, English (my best subject), Greek (I am the only person in this class), Language, Social Science, Math, Music, Art and P.E.